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The 7 Wastes in Manufacturing and how to eliminate them

Become more responsive to your customers demands and provide greater levels of service without compromising your business objectives. LEAN manufacturing storage and handling techniques can be applied to virtually any manufacturing process to deliver significant performance improvement and reduce overall costs. The goal of LEAN is to identify and eliminate non-essential and non-value steps in … Continued

HIM – the ultimate ‘Virtual’ Guardian Angel

In an exciting new project, Trilogiq are partnering with Arkite to supply structures on which Arkite mount their HIM systems. The Human Interface Mate (HIM), ‘Guardian Angel’ looks over the shoulder of the manufacturing operator, warning when an incorrect process is in operation. Intervening and alerting in real time when a mistake is made, or … Continued

New Trilogiq CEO Reintroduces Steel Range

In February 2017 Nick Tyler took over as CEO of TRILOGIQ, bringing over 30 years’ of experience in Lean Manufacturing solutions to the Group.  “My first priority as CEO is to make sure our product range, and the way we deliver solutions, matches the needs of our customers. We have been highly innovative over the last few … Continued

Klar att gå till en ny generation av modulära lösningar?

Trilogiq har kompakta kopplingar i en ny design, förstärkta och förbättrade så att vi kan leverera starkare strukturer till alla våra kunder. Trilogiq har ändrat och moderniserat våra modulära system och kan nu erbjuda en ojämförbar mångfaldhet, styrka och hållbarhet. Vårt utbud av kompositmaterial introducerar innovativa rör, kopplingar och tillbehör som har förstärkts så att … Continued

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