Kaizen Events Produce Manufacturing Best Practices

Material Handling Solutions Blog Kaizen Events Produce Manufacturing Best Practices  Email Article inShare12 Any kaizen event will reveal how one small incremental process improvement can be worth significant bottom-line impacts. Kaizen, Japanese for “improvement” or “change for the best,” refers to philosophy or practices that focus upon continuous improvement of processes in manufacturing, engineering, and […]

Trilogiq GRAPHIT® Introduces VeryGrip®

Trilogiq GRAPHIT® Introduces VeryGrip®  Email Article inShare9 Trilogiq recently introduced VeryGrip®, a gripping, coupling, and adjustment system which redefines its own standards. GRAPHIT® is a tubular system which does away with the need for drilling or tapping used with steel systems.     GRAPHIT® is the first fully reusable system, leaving no physical trace or […]

Trilogiq GRAPHIT® Introduces MonoBlok®

Trilogiq GRAPHIT® Introduces MonoBlok®  Email Article inShare3 Trilogiq  recently introduced MonoBlok® for closing and sealing. The use of bi-material technology has created a Thermo Plastic polyurethane (TPU) connection across the entire circumference of all joints. When the connector joints are assembled, they support each other, which completely seals them off and prevents the entry of […]

Trilogiq GRAPHIT® Introduces InstantMatch®

Trilogiq Introduces InstantMatch® Trilogiq recently introduced InstantMatch®, the straight forward assembly of a tubular system; GRAPHIT® InstantMatch® greatly improves the ease of assembly and reduces the effort and labor required. “Tube and joint assembly with the current market products can be an awkward process.  Holding two tubes at a right angle, while moving them to […]

Trilogiq Lean specialist

Företaget Trilogiq hör till dem som tänkt igenom hur man kan använda tankesättet ”lean” för monteringen i verkstadsindustrin. Det går att spara pengar menar de samtidigt som ergonomin blir bättre för montörerna. – Egentligen handlar det om att skapa nödvändig ordning, säger Christian Åslund som är nordisk regionchef på Trilogiq. Han tar fram en annons […]