Trilogiq GRAPHIT® Introduces InstantMatch®

Trilogiq Introduces InstantMatch®

Trilogiq recently introduced InstantMatch®, the straight forward assembly of a tubular system; GRAPHIT® InstantMatch® greatly improves the ease of assembly and reduces the effort and labor required.

“Tube and joint assembly with
the current market products can be an awkward process.  Holding two tubes at a right angle, while moving them to the desired position, and tightening hardware to secure the joint can be difficult with the old tube and joint system.  The InstantMatch® feature of the GRAPHIT® product line, simplifies this process in several ways.  Along with lighter weight, hardware insertion is simpler, the connectors are cleaner, and joints connect more easily.  All of these advantages add up to a double-digit labor time savings.”


GRAPHIT® by Trilogiq USA

Screw insertion and tightening is now astoundingly simple. TPU (Thermo Plastic polyurethane) has been added to the nut and screw insertion points, holding the nut firmly in place during
tightening and freeing up on of the operator’s hands.
The tube end stops in the joints have clean and sharp lines, consistent seating of the tube in the joint easily. The interlocking of the joints redefines standards in terms of the ease of
assembly of the entire system. Brand new male and female connection pins simplify joint alignment.


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