Trilogiq GRAPHIT® Introduces VeryGrip®

Trilogiq GRAPHIT® Introduces VeryGrip®


Trilogiq recently introduced VeryGrip®, a gripping, coupling, and adjustment system which redefines its own standards. GRAPHIT® is a tubular system which does away with the need for drilling or tapping used with steel systems.




GRAPHIT® is the first fully reusable system, leaving no physical trace or mark, either on the joint or tube when it is disassembled. Existing metal systems rely on mechanical grip to provide strength – holes, drilling, deformation, and mechanical anchoring. With VeryGrip® from GRAPHIT®, now there is an integrated grip with a high-performance TPU (Thermo Plastic polyurethane). This TPU adheres to the tube seamlessly, without damaging the tube or the joint, with exceptional precision down to the millimeter across the entire surface area. This soft connection, nevertheless delivers unrivaled grip strength. Luman Temby, Director of Operations for Trilogiq USA, noted “The results are amazing. The exceptionally powerful grip is easy to adjust and does not damage the tube.”
Trilogiq is a full service provider of holistic material handling solutions including in-house engineering capabilities, proprietary products, purchased products, as well as custom
designed solutions. The company delivers engineered to order material handling applications to the manufacturing industry. While the company specialty is turnkey projects taken from design to delivery, experience ranges from large turnkey projects to specific, single application development, and any specialty projects.


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